Fuyang Chuanghong Imp&Exp Co., Ltd

Date: 17th October 2016
LFC Block Moulding Machine
Main features1.The machine uses PLC programmable controller and touch the man-machine interface control, automatic feeding, automatic control of feeding process, it has formed a complete guarantee automatic cycle of production equipment.2.The machine uses high-quality square tube and welded steel and other groups, each template through heat treatment, after assembling small deformation, durable.3.The machine uses unique and advanced domestic and EPS penetrate thermoforming process, with penetrating ability, good adhesion, good product quality, significant energy saving features.4.This machine uses advanced processing technology and piping arrangements, while referring to the advantages of foreign board machine design unique structure, greatly improving production efficiency, but also make it in the domestic foam sheet production equipment to achieve a leading position, is an ideal and efficient production equipment.5.The machine uses the control instruments, electrical, pneumatic components, valves and other fittings ?are domestic and foreign high-quality brand-name products, equipment positive rectangular, flat shape, reliable quality.6.The machine uses hydraulic station centralized control, hydraulic single door, hydraulic ejection release and automatic locking mechanism, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the machine, reliable performance.7.Each piece of foam board production valve 4-8 minute cycle, high production efficiency. Automatic pneumatic feeding, vacuum-assisted feeding, fast.8.The formulation of raw materials, particle diameter, specific gravity and the foaming agent content and other parameters,set up expert control system, the amount of steam and the heating temperature adaptive proportional servo regulation,improve the quality of products and the degree of automation equipment, simplifying operation ;9.Set up a communication interface, equipment operation and product quality remote control.Technical specificationsItemUnitSPCB301206Mould Cavity Sizemm3400*1240*630Block Sizemm3000*1200*600SteamEntrymmDN150Consumptionkg/cycle30-40PressureMpa0.6-1.8Compressed AirEntrymmDN50Consumptionkg/clcle1.2-1.8PressureMpa0.5-0.8Vacuum Cooling WaterEntrymmDN40Consumptionkg/clcle0.3-0.5PressureMpa0.2-0.4DralnageVacuum DrainmmDN125Down Steam VentmmDN150Air Cooling VentmmDN150Capacity????????15kg/Lmin/cycle8Connected Load/Powerkw19Overall Dimension(L*W*H)mm7200*4500*3000Weightkg7500